Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University is a global educational alliance of accredited international universities, professional associations and training providers that deliver the highest quality, online learning experiences at affordable prices for students.

Mission: To make accredited academic programs accessible to everyone, everywhere.
Vision: World-class education as a human right.

TAGI-UNI stands for Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University.

1.Dignity: The Arabic word for dignity (karama) was inspirational in the founding of the University. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University firmly believes that dignity and human rights are enhanced from education; thus all of the programs offered by the University focus on self-improvement and recognition of achievement.  

2.Integrity: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University partners with institutions that provide the best educational programs. Maintaining high standards and quality is the University’s promise to its students.

3.Opportunity: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University delivers academic programs at a fraction of the original tuition fees from its partner institutions. The University targets students who seek personal development while increasing their skills for employability in the market.

4.Global Connectivity: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University seeks to develop a global network of alumni. Students are equipped with an Education Passport that documents their achievements. The Education Passport can be used to connect TAGI-UNI students that are looking for employment or partners around the world.

5.Economic Development: Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University supports regional and global economic development by educating individuals in emerging technological fields. The University will provide learners with the opportunity to develop their leadership traits through communication in the global, knowledge-based economy.

TAGI-UNI believes that access to a world-class education is a human right. TAGI-UNI delivers traditional university degrees at a fraction of the tuition fees, as part of our strategic alliances with accredited academic institutions. TAGI-UNI’s Vocational Academy prepares students for the workforce in traditional and developing fields; and the Language Academy makes communicating with people around the world a seamless experience.

For more information, please refer to the history of our Founder and President HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh at  www.talalabughazaleh.com


Yes. As TAGI-UNI partners with accredited international universities, the degree you receive will be the accredited partner university degree.

Tuition fees are those charged by TAGI-UNI’s partner institutions. TAGI-UNI has negotiated special tuition discounts for its students.

English is the primary language for the majority of TAGI-UNI’s programs. To improve your level of English, our Language Academy provides learners with the necessary language skills to succeed in our programs

Course duration is dependent on the program you are enrolled in. Training courses can take as little as a day, while university degrees can take several years depending on graduation requirements.

You will need a copy of your passport, diplomas, transcript of grades and all relevant documents depending on the program you are applying for.

The start date of the various programs varies with the partner institution. Students should apply to the university program they are interested in as soon as possible. Applications to universities should be submitted nine months prior to starting courses. On average, the application process for undergraduate studies takes four to six weeks; and for graduate studies it can take between six to eight weeks.

Admission requirements are determined by the partner institution. Students must meet the minimum requirements of the partner institution in order for their applications to be considered.

Your account on the TAGI-UNI Portal will provide you with all of the necessary information regarding admission, registration, and payment.

Yes. Most universities require a minimum score on either TOEFL or IETLS. But you can always improve your English at our Language Academy.

TAGI-UNI’s Regional Office is in Amman, Jordan and serves as a hub for all other locations. TAGI-UNI has satellite testing centers around the world through its parent company,TAG.Global.

Depending on which partner university you are looking to study at, your credits may transfer.

All payments are made to TAGI-UNI electronically and are then remitted to the partner institution. Our secure, encrypted payment system ensures the security of your finances.