The objective of TAG-DU is to provide credentials to those who are unable or cannot afford to attend a formal graduate education.  As such our fees are very minimal.

  1. We charge an application fee of $500 for us to open a file for you and to review your credentials.
  2. We charge a fee of $500 to sign up for the comprehensive exam.  If a student fails the comprehensive exam, we will allow the student to take the exam a second time against a fee of $250.  Students will not be allowed to take the exam for a third time.
  3. We charge $500 for issuing the MBA diploma.

- For a total of $1,500 a student can be awarded an MBA degree.
- For Professional Diploma, we only charge a one-time fee of $400 that is paid at the time you apply to us. We allow you to take the examination for a second time, if necessary, at no extra charge.